Premises Liability

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Every property owner, and every person who is a tenant on someone else’s property, has a duty to maintain the property in a manner that is safe for persons using or visiting the premises – be it an apartment or office building, a store, a hotel, a restaurant, a theme park, any type of business, or even vacant land.  If the owner or tenant knows that there is an unsafe condition on the property, which could cause injuries to persons using or visiting the property, or even to certain trespassers on the property, they must post clear warnings and fix the problem.  Landowners and tenants also have a special duty to warn children if they know that children may be attracted to something that is on the property (for example, a swimming pool or machinery) that is likely to cause serious injury or death to the trespassing children.

If the property owner or tenant breaches their duty of care and an innocent person is injured as a result of this negligence, the landlord and/or tenant is liable for the resulting damages.

If you have beAccident lawyer - dangerous premisesen seriously injured, or if your close family members has been killed, on someone else’s property because of the condition of the property – for example, dangerous stairs, slippery or wet floors, uneven carpet, a vicious dog, unfenced swimming pool, inadequate security, a broken lock, heavy items falling from shelves — please contact the Soffer Law Firm.  Benjamin Soffer, who has nearly 20 years of litigation experience, represents clients who were injured as a result of many different types of unsafe or dangerous premises conditions.

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We represent clients in state and federal courts in California.  Please contact us for an appointment.

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