Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse Attorney - Personal Injury AttorneyElder abuse can take several forms:  neglect by nursing homes and assisted living facilities, which lead to injuries, broken bones, bed sores, malnutrition, or severe health deterioration; unscrupulous insurance companies and lenders who take advantage of trusting seniors’ confusion to sell them unneeded financial products such as life insurance policies and predatory home refinance loans; and children (or other relatives) who – let’s be blunt – rip off their unsuspecting elderly parents by tricking them into transferring their money, investments, and real estate.

When nursing homes and assisted living facilities fail to exercise the level of care required to ensure the health and safety of their residents, bad things happen.  When the care facilities don’t hire qualified staff, when they fail to properly screen, train or supervise their care-givers, and when they are understaffed, elderly residents can suffer from severe cases of bed sores, which can lead to even more severe injuries.  Or residents may not be given their prescribed medication, or it may not be given with the prescribed frequency or dosage, or they may even be given the wrong medication, all of which could quickly cause a deterioration in the residents’ health.  Or residents may not eat and drink sufficient quantities to keep them well-nourished and adequately hydrated, which could lead health problems and confusion.  Or residents may wander the halls unsupervised and unassisted, where they could fall and break bones.  Or they could even walk out the facility’s door, where they could get lost or be victimized by criminals.

If you have Elder Abuse - Personal Injury Attorneybeen, or know someone who has been, the victim of this sort of elder abuse and neglect, please contact us without delay.  We are ready to fight for you, to make sure the abuse stops and you are compensated for the injuries and pain you have suffered.

And if you have been the victim of a predatory mortgage company who sold you a loan you cannot afford, if the lender is foreclosing on your property or you have already lost your property to them, if you have been tricked into buying a financial instrument or insurance policy you do not really need and without understanding what you were purchasing, or if a relative or a person you trust has emptied you bank account or transferred your property without your agreement or understanding, please contact us.  We believe that this sort of elder financial abuse has no place in society and will help relieve you of the unwanted financial obligations, restore your property, or obtain compensation for your loses.

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