Business Litigation

Business Litigation Attorney 1

Business attorney Benjamin Soffer represents business clients in legal disputes with other businesses or individuals.

He represents business clients, as either plaintiffs or defendants, in a variety of industries and in various types of business disputes, including:

 Corporate and partnership disputes
 Corporation / LLC dissolutions
 Breach of fiduciary duty
 Breach of contract
 Debt collection
 Interference with contractual relations
 Interference with prospective economic advantage
 Unfair competition and unlawful business practices
 False advertising
 Employment disputes
 Trademark, trade dress, and trade name infringement
 Insurance and bad faith litigation
 Trade secrets disputes

Business Litigation Attorney 2

Effective representation requires a good understanding of the client’s particular business, the general business environment in which the client operates, and the business of the opposing party.  Benjamin Soffer concentrates on understanding the client’s point of view, needs, and expectations.  He asks questions and listens carefully to the answers.  He wants to learn what is important to the client; what they are looking for.  Mr. Soffer wants to put himself in the client’s shoes in order to understand fully what is motivating the client.  This improves his ability to meet their expectations.  But he also works to determine the likely motivations and expectations of the opposing party.  Understanding what is truly important to both sides helps him develop a litigation strategy that is most in tune with client’s financial means, and to formulate creative solutions to the dispute.  Mr. Soffer believes that it is almost always in the client’s best interests to resolve business disputes early, so that they avoid getting mired in drawn out and costly litigation.  Business litigation often puts massive financial pressure on the client, it can exact an enormous psychological toll, and it distracts the client attention for months and years from their most important task:  operating a profitable and successful business.

Of course, Mr. Soffer never assumes that the opposing party would be receptive to an out of court settlement.  Therefore, even as he pursues ways to end the dispute early and favorably for out client, Mr. Soffer marshals the evidence that would be required to prevail at trial.  business-litigation-attorney-3If his efforts to settle the dispute informally or through alternative dispute resolution methods are rebuffed by the opposition, Mr. Soffer is prepared fully to aggressively prosecute the client’s legal rights in court, or fight zealously to defend against the opposing party’s claims.

Some of Benjamin Soffer’s recent business litigation cases include representing a publicly-trade corporation against a fraud claim, a shareholder of a closely held corporation in a dispute about the ownership of internet websites, a winery in a lawsuit filed by a former employee who alleged she was the victim of sex discrimination and wrongful termination by the client, a well-known jewelry designer in a breach of contract and trademark case, an importer of hair dye products in a trade libel dispute, a surgeon in a case in which the plaintiffs alleged conflicts of interest and improper promotion of a dangerous surgical procedure, and a manufacturer of customized auto parts in collection actions against auto repair shops.

We represent business clients in federal and state courts in California.  If you are a business that is involved in a contact or business dispute with another business or an individual, please contact us to find out how we can help.

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