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California has strong laws that prohibit workplace discrimination against employees and independent contractors based on a number of protected characteristics of the employee/contractor, including race, religious belief, color, national origin, ancestry, physical and mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, age, and sexual orientation.  In addition to private employers, these laws also apply to state and municipal agencies, labor unions, and employment agencies.  In addition to protecting individuals who actually possess the protected characteristics, California law also protects persons who are perceived to have any of those characteristics.  In most instances, the private employers who are subject to these laws are those that regularly employ five or more employees, but all employers, regardless of size, are subject to the harassment prohibitions.

Soffer Law - Employment Law Attorney - Race DiscriminationCalifornia’s population of employees and employers is diverse.  In the course of ordinary business activity, situations can arise where employers engage in unlawful employment practices.  The law allows employees and independent contractors who are subjected to such unlawful practice to recover compensation from the employer.  Employees who suffer the impact of such practices deserve to be represented by competent legal counsel.  On the other hand, sometimes an employment conduct only appears to be unlawful, when in reality it is not unlawful at all, because there is a legitimate and lawful basis for the conduct.  In such instances, innocent employers who are wrongly and unfairly accused of unlawful conduct, deserve to be represented by competent counsel to defend against those accusations.

Attorney Benjamin Soffer represents employees and employers in litigation involving employment law issues, including:

 Discrimination based on

 National origin
 Medical condition
 Marital status
 Sexual orientation

 Harassment and hostile work environment
 Workplace sexual harassment
 Wrongful termination of “at will” employees in violation of public policy
 Failure to provide reasonable accommodation of disabilities
 Wage and hour claims
 Breach of employment contract

When the Soffer Law Firm agrees to take a case, whether it is representing an employee who has been wronged or an employer who is being unfairly accused of bad conduct, we commit to providing aggressive and cost-effective representation.

If you are an employee or independent contractor who has been the victim of sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, an unlawful hiring, employment, or discharge practice, or if you are involved in an employment contract dispute with an employer, please contact us for a consultation.

And if you are a private employer or employment agency who is being accused of sexual harassment, permitting a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, engaging in unlawful hiring, employment, or discharge practice, or if you are involved in an employment contract dispute with an employee, please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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