Business Transactions

Business attorney Benjamin Soffer represents and advises businesses and business owners in , in a variety of industries, in various business transactions, including:

 Entity formations (corporations, LLCs, LLPs, partnerships)
 Shareholder agreement drafting and review
 Buy-sell agreement drafting and review
 Operating agreement drafting and review
 Business contract drafting and review
 Commercial lease review and negotiation
 Settlement agreements

I Agree (free)Effective representation requires a good understanding of the client’s particular business, the general business environment in which the client operates, and the business of the opposing party.  Benjamin Soffer concentrates on understanding the client’s point of view, needs, and expectations.  He asks questions and listens carefully to the answers.  He wants learn what is important to the client; what they are looking for.  In transaction matters, Mr. Soffer wants to put himself in the client’s shoes in order to understand fully what is motivating the client.  This improves his ability to meet their expectations.  But he also works to determine the likely motivations and expectations other parties to the transaction.  Understanding what is truly important to both sides helps him develop a negotiation strategy that is most in tune with client’s financial means, and to formulate creative solutions to impasses.

Some of Benjamin Soffer’s recent business litigation cases include representing a shareholder in negotiations with a business “partner” to buy out their interest in the business, negotiating revisions to a listing agreement for the sale of an industrial client’s business, negotiating a major commercial lease agreement, and negotiating a release agreement to extricate a client who had entered into a bad contract.

We represent business clients located or doing business in California.  If you are an existing business or creating a new business, please contact us to find out how we can help with your legal needs.

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